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Our education program is the one-stop hub that brings you the best-in-class learning experience about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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Defy Education will give you the content you need to learn at your own pace and level. Our Education Platform is designed as a free tool for crypto enthusiasts of all levels, from the crypto curious to the experienced trader.

The support you need to embark on your crypto learning journey

We provide users from all backgrounds essential knowledge to successfully participate in the crypto space. From beginners guide to technical analysis, our educational materials are here to support you along the way.

10 minutes read


NFT domains: Everything you Need to Know about Unstoppable Domains

10 minutes read


Setting up for a successful crypto journey

How to set up yourself towards a successful journey to the crypto world.

30 minutes read


Understanding Crypto Fundamentals

The fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

1 hour read


Cryptocurrency Investing – An Introduction

Spotting opportunities in cryptocurrency protocols and projects

Educational courses that are built to teach you everything

Our mission is to break down barriers to entry into the crypto space by providing our community with data and education. Our educational content consists of modules, videos, infographics, and access to a dedicated community of world-wide learners.


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